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Welcome to NOJEON Co., Ltd.
Since its foundation in 1997, imbued with the business ideal of ¡°realizing customer satisfaction by producing best-quality products,¡± NOJEON Co., Ltd. has been specializing in high-precision automobile parts. Throughout its ten-year existence, NOJEON has persevered to become the leader in the business.

In addition to automobile seats and steering devices, NOJEON also produces seat parts through cold forging, the cutting process, and the CNC process, as well as by rivetting and welding. NOJEON aims at advancing into new fields by diversifying its businesses, consolidating its research and development efforts in the pursuit of high-value-added products and manufacturing technologies related to automobile parts, securing strong competitive power as a parts specialist, and establishing a business network in the global market.

NOJEON¡¯s foremost goal is to realize customer satisfaction. A company that grows along with its customers-this is what NOJEON envisions itself to become.